Friday, November 18, 2011

Log 22: The Fires of London

The Captain talks little as he is trying to get over a nasty sinus infection. However, he plays one of the strangest, discordant disturbing orchestral pieces ever written. The whole thing. I'm staying out of this one. The story below is somewhat short this week, but as soon as the captain is himself again, I will make him read me more.

Here's another cool steampunk blog story thing if you miss the Captain's tales:

(Amazing Talking Useless Machine)

Part 4: How I acquired the Eckener (story starts with Log 17: Rap Attack)

May 20th, 1940.
    We sailed up to the great beast in our balloons, but we could not find anywhere to strap them down. We were forced to make a choice between releasing our only means of escape if the plan failed, and turning back. Some of my best men left, but I shall not give up! Another unexpected surprise was that the side of the ship is very slick, and not easy to climb along. Most of us are holding on to ladder rungs, but they are few and far between.

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