Friday, October 28, 2011


The Captain gets a visitor just in time for Halloween!

(Amazing Talking Useless Machine)

Part 3: How I acquired the Eckener (story starts with Log 17: Rap Attack)

May 19th, 1940.
    It is very late at night, and we have rowed our boats directly under the Hindenburg II. Looking up at it I feel like a knight from an old tale about to poke a sleeping dragon. Most of the others don’t seem nervous, they are sadly ill informed on the powers of this great beast. Only I and my best men know what it’s capable of, and we shaking with nerves. Except for the ex German soldier, who has a sort of revenge or die attitude about himself. His family was killed by the Axis Powers, and he puts little value on his own life anymore, except his goal to redeem them.
    All around me, balloons are inflating like dark mushrooms growing out of the murky black water of the Atlantic. In a few hours we will be set to rise to the great beast. I must stop writing know, for my companion needs my help with our own balloon.
    ...If Hugo Eckener could see me know!

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